Kitchen Facelift
We modernized this kitchen by updating the Cabinet doors, reconfiguring the cabinets and replacing the counter tops with Granite.
Front Porch Railing
Outdoor Kitchen
Cottage Roof renovation
Designed and renovated this cottage roof reconstruction. The old roof was opened up as a one giant lake-facing dormer, with two large custom windows.
Covered porch
Holes were dug out to support the deck. Frame was built and decking installed. Roof was laid out and rafters were cut to fit. Then plywood was installed
Garage door resizing
Removing old garage door and changing framing to fit a bigger garage door
Bedroom conversion
Wall was removed between the two bedroom to create a family room
Entertainment unit
Retrofitting an entertainment to fit in a new room
Custom accent wall
Accent wall was framed with mdf to create squares
French doors
French doors were framed into the hallway to create a separate entrance for a small business
Hardwood floors
Custom storage box
Kitchen Renovation
Complete Renovation of Kitchen
Basement Renovation
Complete finishing of a small basement
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